English, year 9: test Oct 7th

For the test next Thursday I want you to focus on these parts:

1. The American English and British English words on page 154 in your workbook. Make sure you know what the words mean and that you can use them. You don’t have to know which of the synonyms are AmE and which of them that are BrE – but you should know both synonyms.

2. Phonetics, page 160 in your workbook. You should be able to read words written in the phonetic alphabet. You will not have the actual IPA infront of you during the test so please practice… 

A good way to practice is by doing the exercise we did during class: work with a friend (or several friends) and look up familiar words in a dictionary. Put a word in phonetics on one side of a paper and in regular writing on the other side of the paper. Put all the papers together and take turns trying to read them!

3. Words on page 146-147 in your workbook, ”ordbildning”. Try to learn the rules for prefixes and suffixes, and make sure you know the words on these pages. Yes, you should know them in Swedish aswell…

If you have any questions – ask here or ask me in school. I’ll be happy to help you! Good luck!


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