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Engelska, år 9: Läxa, v. 21

Homework this week: Gentlemen…, p. 99-102 in your textbooks. Check with a classmate if you missed which words you have for Friday.

Oh, and make sure you understand the text by looking over the questions on page 96 in your workbooks.

Over and out.


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Engelska, år 8: Diagnos – Love & Friendship

The chapter is Love & Friendship and these are the texts whose words you need to learn (actually, you should know them by now):

  • Friendly advice
  • The invisible girl
  • Keep away from Phil

Also, there is the grammar: ordföljd, p. 136-137 in your Workbook.

Try to find time to repeat the grammar we’ve done so far this semester. You never know what might pop up!

The best of luck to you all!

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Engelska, år 9: läxa vecka 20

We started on the chapter Justice today and listened to the text I have a dream: The Life and Death… on page 90-92 in your textbooks.

You have the following words for Friday: celebrate, achieve, inferior, impress, prejudice, respond, gather, content, illegal, prevent, public, Norwegian, across, involvement, honor.

In addition to learning the words I want you to read through the text at least two times.

That’s all for now, toodle pip!

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Engelska, år 8: läxa, vecka 20

Today we worked with the text Keep away from Phil on page 93-95 in your textbooks. For Friday you have the following words: jealous, divorced, casually, obvioulsy, except, allowed, entrance, refuse, takeaway, grab, faint.

Please note that the words on last week’s text The Invisible Girl can pop up on Friday’s quiz.

And as always I’ll finish off by reminding you of your reading homework.

See you Friday!

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Engelska, år 8: Läxa, v. 19

Textbook: The invisible girl, p. 90-92. Words: invisible, wheelchair, even though, field trip, blush, fog, dive, exhausted, pebble, cover, giggle.

Workbook: Exercise A-D, p. 78-79. You don’t have to do these, but it’s a good way to practise the words!

And don’t forget your reading homework, for crying out loud!

Have a nice weekend 🙂

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Engelska, år 9: Mix-tapes & lovesongs

So. I took the liberty of making a Spotify playlist from the homework you handed in. That way we can all enjoy the infinite (well, not quite) playlist that is 9 a & b’s choice of lovesongs.

Some of you asked what song I would pick and though it’s not an easy question to answer (as you all probably know by now) I decided to add my song of choice at the end of the list. It’s a song called Everywhere by awesomely cool rock group Fleetwood Mac. I think it’s the perfect song to send when you want to tell someone you like them since the lyrics pretty much says it all. Also – it doesn’t have that depressing sound I usually prefer when it comes to music, which is a plus when you’re trying to tell someone you like them (I mean, hopefully that’s good news and worthy of some happy sounding music).

So. To listen to our playlist, click this y’all! Oh, and my apologies to some of you. Spotify is obviously not down with all genres of music just yet so a few songs had to be left out or replaced… well it’s the same song, not just the exclusive remix ye snobby fans of house music specifically requested.

Love, peace & understanding!

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Engelska, år 8: läxa v. 18

Hiya, and sorry for not posting this earlier.

For anyone scratching their heads and wondering what the homework for Friday (tomorrow, that is) really was, here goes:

1. Choose a song that you can somehow connect with love. It can be in Swedish or in English.

2. Translate the first verse (that means all the lyrics that come before the chorus) and the chorus. If your song is in English, you translate to Swedish. If your song is in Swedish, you translate to English.

3. Hand it in to me.

Tomorrow I’ll read your translations out loud and we’ll see if you can figure out the original songs!

Best of luck!

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