Engelska, år 8: The 12th day of July.

You have all received a copy of the book The 12th day of July which we will be reading these next few weeks. You will read 3 chapters each week (ca. 20-30 pages) and hand in a reading homework each week. Reading homework will be handed in, and the new one handed out, on Mondays. We’ll finish off with a written exam on Friday June 4th. You will be allowed to bring your books with you to the exam.

Deadline schedule:

Reading homework 1 (chap 1-3): Monday May 3d.

Reading homework 2 (chap 4-6): Monday May 10th.

Reading homework 2 (chap 4-6): Monday May 10th.

Reading homework 3 (chap 7-10): Monday May 17th.

Reading homework 4 (chap 11-13): Monday May 24th.

Reading homework 5 (chap 14-17): Monday May 31st.

Written exam: Friday June 4th.


Don’t forget to bring your book to class with you on Mondays and Fridays. At least 15 minutes will be given in class to read and/or do the reading homework.


Happy reading!


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