Engelska, år 9: Writing assignment

So. Now we’ve finished The curious incident of the dog in the night-time and it’s time for your final assignment. It goes something like this:

 Answer these questions. Be as specific as you can when explaining, as I am no mind reader (unfortunately). I am interested in your thoughts and opinions. Feel free to interpret and analyse the text, but don’t forget that the connection between your thoughts and the text always should be clear.    

1. Select at least three scenes that are comical in this novel. Defend your position. Are these same situations also sad? Explain.

2. How is Christopher different from a typical narrator / hero?

3. How important is the voice of Christopher as the narrator of this story? How would this story be different if it was told by a different character in the book – Siobhan or Christopher’s dad, for example? How would the story be different if it was written in a third person voice? What would be lost in such changes, what would be gained?

The deadline is Friday 12/3 (a whopping two weeks from now). If you want to e-mail it to me, that’s fine. Fan mail and writing assignments should be sent to: johanna.lindau1@utbildning.stockholm.se


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