Engelska, år 8: The red-headed league.

In short:

You are going to perform a play based on the famous Sherlock Holmes short story “The read-headed league” by Arthur Conan Doyle.



Group 1:  Emilia, Mohammad, Suzana, Malcom, Andreas.

                      Will be performing scenes 1 and 2.

Group 2: Christopher, Jimmy, Arsam, Henric

                      Will be performing scene 3.

Group 3: Mohsin, Johan, Zahra, Angelica, Maud, Jessica,

                      Will be performing scenes 4, 5 and 6.

Group 4: Jens, Jocke, Hossam,

                      Will be performing scene 7.


Performing and practicing:

We will perform our play on Friday February 12th. You’ll all be using the same props, handing them over to the next group as you finish your part.

You will have ca. 30 minutes per class to practice up until the performing date (a total of ca. 90 minutes). Obviously you’ll need to practice your lines at home. You’re going to need the time together to practice with each other and figure out everything around the reading of lines (where to stand/sit/walk and so on).

The prerequisites for your grades and a plan for how to carry out your work was handed out on Friday January 29th.

That’s all folks!


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